FLOATING REAMERS, diameter 19 mm to 405 mm

The new Koyemann floating reamer produces close-fit bores in grades IT6 and IT7. Particularly under difficult conditions such as long overhang lengths, axial alignment errors and older machines, the advantages of the new Koyemann floating reamer really come into play.

            Floating reamers

The most important features of the new power reamers are:

  • Great process reliability

  • High productivity

  • Wide range of adjustment

  • No support pads up to 8 x D

  • Highest cutting speeds

  • Minimal machine downtime

  • Very simple µm-perfect setting

  • Through holes and blind bores with the same tool

  • Indexable inserts for every material

            Floating reamers

Attainable quality


Scallop height: up to


IT 6

Rz = 2µm

3 µm

Operating parameters:

Cutting speeds:

Steel: up to 350 m/min

Light metal: up to 600 m/min

Cast iron: up to 180 m/min

Feed rate: up to 1,2 mm / revolution

Overmeasure: 0.2 mm +/- 0.1 mm in diameter

The latest documentation on Koyemann floating reamers can be displayed, printed or saved from here: