Centobohr precision rotary inserts

            Centobohr precision rotary inserts

Koyemann Centobohr precision finishing tools are stable, adjustable tool for bore finishing, which can be fitted to any boring bar with a square tool mount. They are fitted with interchangeable tool holders for indexable inserts. The Centobohr tool holders are available both in a variant for through bores, in which the indexable insert is positioned axially behind the front of the boring bar, and in angled shapes, with the insert positioned axially ahead of the boring bar, so the bores can be machined up to shoulders or right to the end of the blind holes.

The Koyemann Centobohr is used

  • for close-fit bores in diameters from 32 mm to 700 mm

  • for push and pull operation

  • for through holes

  • for shoulder and blind bores

  • on machining centres, boring mills and and milling machines

The principal features of the Centobohr are

  • simple adjustment of the Centobohr precision finishing tool by turning the scaled spindle

  • high precision with stable positioning of the Centobohr bit by 0.01 mm per gradation

  • particularly large range by moving the whole Centobohr cartridge in the boring bar

  • low tool costs, as the Centobohr precision finishing tool can be used in any normal tool holder in boring bars and heads

The latest documentation on the Koyemann Centobohr can be displayed, printed or saved from here: